Consumers aren’t spending as much time as you think on social media platforms | The Trade Desk

May 26, 2022
A new study reveals the open internet is capturing three times more...

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May 13, 2022
"The gaming industry is bigger than Hollywood and the music industries combined,...

SCS Help Aaron’s Become More ‘Right-Swipable’ In Playful Campaign

May 2, 2022
Since 2007, Adstasher has been publishing the best creative works from brands...
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Kwikset – Brand Campaign

Kwikset – Brand Campaign

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Mothers F1

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With over 30 years of experience and legacy in the industry, we reach fans through deep-rooted insights

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We identify how to get moms, dads, and kids excited to engage with our brands and become part of the family


Aspirational and people-driven, we love telling stories that are authentic and relatable to our audience


We’re constantly seeking opportunities to expand the relationship with our audience through innovative experiences


Consideration begins at first glance, so we make packaging, branding and tone of voice a priority to all our CPG clients

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Brand Transformation doesn’t mean only digital transformation. It comes to life when creativity, data, and technology come together. Our recent brand film for @baldwinhardware worked to transform the brand creatively, based on data insights that showed opportunity for a vibrant, more youthful, design-led brand. #wearescs #brandtransformation Link in bio.
How do you achieve luxury and prestige on a budget? SCS helped the 75-year-old @baldwinhardware brand come to life as a more global, modern, interior design vanguard by producing Obsession is Good in Bogota. The beautiful people of Colombia brought creativity, passion, and an inspired design focus, stretching marketing budgets farther. #wearescs #brandtransformation Link in bio.
“An obsession of yours fuels an obsession of our own.” How Baldwin hardware turned Obsession is Good into a rally cry for this 75-year-old interior design OG. #wearescs  #brandtransformation Link in bio.
Infosys believes that nearly 85% of customer interactions will be managed by AI in the future. We looked at cases from Nike, Vanguard, and Tomorrow Sleep for @forbes to understand how AI could be leveraged by brands today. #wearescs #futureofmarketing #forbes Link in bio.
Gartner predicts that AI will be responsible for creating $3.9 trillion in business value this year alone. That’s $156 million in the five minutes it takes to read this article. How is your marketing department leveraging AI to boost revenue? We have ideas. #wearescs #futureofmarketing #forbes Link in bio.
We wanted to put AI to the test. So we helped @jamesschiefer use an AI engine to write an article for @forbes about how The Future Of Creativity in Advertising is in AI. “This doesn’t mean that human creative is going to be rendered obsolete. But it suggests that as a creative profession, we need to leverage new technology to help brands achieve more.” #wearescs #futureofmarketing #forbes Link in bio.
Thank you @horizonworlds for letting us finally build the ocean-front office of our dreams, and thank you to @adage for featuring our MetaVerse pilot - SCS Beach. We’re excited to be pushing into the metaverse with early trials for our clients alongside our peers at Accenture, Havas, MediaMonks, R/GA, Virtue and more. Check out the link in our bio for more
In honor of International Women’s Day, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate the strong, hardworking women that make up SCS. Their ambition and determination defines what it means to be an instigator every day. We appreciate their power to make SCS a better place of equal opportunity for all. #wearescs
At SCS we believe Black History is American History. This month, our agency is proud to host a series of content amplifying black contributions to our shared American story. Stay tuned.