SCS Expands Strategic Talent Investment With Seven New Hires Across Creative, Strategy, Media, And HR Leadership

August 5, 2022
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Mediapsssst: Report: 64% Of Consumers Are Aware Of The Metaverse Concept

April 7, 2022
In addition to the survey findings the report, from SCS, offers a...

SCS’ Heather Broscious on what’s working heading into 2022

December 20, 2021
This senior VP of brand solutions shares how she is navigating new...

SCS Builds Talent Pool With Multiple Recruits And Promotions Across Disciplines

December 13, 2021
20 Year Coke Veteran Rebecca Barker Cedrone Joins as Brand Director New...
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The titanic shift from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 transformed the internet and our lives. We started streaming movies instead of watching them, connected to the world like never before with Social Media, and saw tech companies like Apple take over the old telecom industries. Now, a new shift is taking place: welcome to Web 3.0.
While Web3’s definition is hazy, trends of decentralization and spatial web are clearly emerging. From DAO’s and NFT’s, to Games, 3D Metaverses and AR Search, It’s a lot to take in. To help you get a head start, we wrote our Marketers Guide to Web 3.0 & the Metaverse.
Taking advantage of these trends is key for brands to position themselves for the future. Our guide is based a survey of over 600 US consumers aged 16 to 44 on topics ranging from awareness of the Metaverse concept, to usage of cryptocurrency wallets, as well as adjacent behaviors such as creativity in virtual spaces what they want from tomorrow’s Internet. Check it out and tell us what you think in the comments. We’re all learning what the future looks like together.
While we’re helping Realtree replatform and redesign their site, they approached us with another project: help launch their new Max-7 camo pattern.
After the new pattern as announced at the Delta Waterfowl Duck Hunters Expo, Realtree needed a way for enthusiasts to get a closer look. SCS stepped up to create a mobile-focused site where Duck Hunters around the world could immerse themselves in the Max-7 products, and the marshes and waterways that inspired them.
Clickable camouflage and explorable maps also allow visitors to examine the new shapes, colors, contrasts, and vegetation that went into Max-7’s fresh designs.
Central to duck-hunting and the Realtree Max-7 camouflage is the “X” - the optimal spot where hunters create their hide and wait for birds to fly overhead. Just like Realtree’s new Max 7 camo pattern allows hunters to find their ‘X’, SCS incorporated the X as a central design element in the site.
Seamlessly integrated photo and video content with hunter-influencers also allowed visitors to see the new products in the wild before getting their hands on them.
SCS worked to synchronize the site launch with this year’s announcement at Delta. Since the site went live this week, duck hunters from North America, South America, Europe, and Australia have accessed the site to get their first look at the Max-7. The result has been a site that finds the X for us, Realtree, and enthusiasts.
With economic uncertainty on the horizon, how can technology and creative innovation help brand marketers cut through in 2022 and beyond? Join us for a panel with Orange County’s advertising leaders to see how technology and creativity are forging new paths for business in SoCal and everywhere else.
Our Tech & Transformation panel will be led by agency and brand marketing experts, including representatives from SAP, Giant Bicycle, and Innocean. Equipped with extensive knowledge of traditional and emerging media, these local leaders will unpack how new tech and innovation impact marketing at home and the world over.
Got questions about how to incorporate emerging tech and creative innovation into your business? So do we. Join us online or in person for the Tech & Transformation panel! Learn about new creative and technological possibilities as well as their potential to transform marketing at home and abroad.