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Digital Marketing

Swarm Launches Arrow Exterminators’ New Website

Swarm, along with the Arrow Exterminators team, launched the new Arrow Exterminators website. The new features updated branding and a refreshed design. The site allows new and returning customers a more interactive and faster way to find pest control…
July 10, 2014
Digital Marketing

Bussing for the Summer

Every Marketing student that I go to school with at Georgia College & State University is jumping at opportunities to have an internship or study abroad this summer. I have been fortunate enough to land an internship at Swarm Agency, but my…
July 8, 2014

Sprint is Over… How’d We Do?

Agile is a popular project management methodology that is used by Agencies, software companies, IT groups, and many other industries. The agile methodology provides employees within a company the ability to perform daily work in efficient and productive ways. Breaking…
April 22, 2014

Say Hello to LinkedIn’s New Showcase Page

Beginning on April 14, 2014, LinkedIn will be removing the Services tab from Company Pages and replacing it with Showcase Pages. There’s no need to worry because they’re adding an improvement that is going to make things a lot easier.…
April 10, 2014
Our History

Swarm Expands to West Midtown

Swarm Agency announces their move to the CarriageWorks office complex in West Midtown Atlanta after 6 years of continued growth. Swarm started out working in the basement of an auto lot. In 2008, there were only 2—CEO, Tom Ellis, and…
April 7, 2014
DataDigital Marketing

5 Superhero Powers Derived From Analytics

I would often joke with colleagues about how much more powerful I become with each new Google Analytics account or floodlight tag. Now, after over a decade of analytics, heat mapping, multi-variant testing, and data-driven marketing strategies there’s only one…
April 4, 2014