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Blizzard Entertainment is a world leader in gaming entertainment. With mega hits like World of Warcraft, the Diablo franchise, and Hearthstone, if you are even a little bit of a gamer then you have played one of Blizzards games. Hearthstone, the fantasy-based mobile card game is popular all over the world and immerse its players in the machinations of a plethora of over-the-top characters with incredible supernatural abilities. Players take on one of the persona’s and fight using turn-based mechanics to cast spells and summon monsters to defeat their enemies. To keep the game fresh and players engaged, Blizzard routinely introduces new expansion packs with new cards and game mechanics to employ. Their most recent expansion pack featuring the League of Evil was set to release in May, and Blizzard wanted to get their loyal fans excited about it. So, working closely with SCS we came up with the concept of having one of the game’s most famous villains, Arch-Villain Rafaam, come to life, so he could recruit people on the streets of the city. Rafaam tried everything he could think of: pamphlets, surveys and even a sign-up table to find some new minions, but he may have met his evil match on the mean streets of Downtown Los Angeles.

See if Arch-Villain Rafaam can be convincing and charming enough to recruit lackeys for his League of E.V.I.L.

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