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SCS worked with Boost Mobile to create their two most recent campaigns. The first “Glitch” introduced the world to “Resting Glitch Face” and the internet took notice. The social reaction was overwhelmingly positive and the spot itself resulted in 50% of viewers finding the brand more appealing. Boost wasn’t ready to rest on their laurels, so they immediately tapped us to produce the next stop in the Switch campaign series. So, black and white was born. We find another family stuck in the dark ages, so much so that they are literally in black and white. Once the color comes back, so do the dad’s questionable fashion choices. “Holy shirt” was on everyone’s lips and flooding the comment section, another big win for Boost Mobile. We were happy to partner with them in bringing these two concepts to life. Click the link below to watch our most recent work with Boost Mobile.

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SCS surveyed 750 US consumers on how their physical and digital buying habits have changed during the pandemic. These insights and more are presented in Omnichannel Overdrive.

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