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Choosing the right gift for agency folks is not an easy task. At Swarm, we especially understand the level of particularism that agency peeps can have when it comes to their gifts. So, for my fellow agency peers looking for gifts for your co-workers, or those of you who need last minute gift idea for your agency friends, Swarm has come together to compile the ultimate holiday gift guide for you.


ArtSnacks Box Help keep their inspiration alive by signing them up for an ArtSnacks Box membership, and they’ll get a delivery of 4-5 premium art products each month. Massage Gift Card Designers spend a lot of time helping to bring clients’ ideas to life behind a computer screen. There’s a good chance on some days they haven’t had a chance to stand up, stretch out, or even blink. Headphones Designers do their best work when they can really get into the zone & tune everything (and everyone) else out.


Curved 34-Inch LED Monitor If Developers could have it their way, they would have 360 degrees of monitors. This gets them one step closer. Espresso Maker Help keep your Dev friend’s brain firing on all cylinders. Drone Parts Gift Card When you spend most of your day inside, camped out behind several monitors, you have to counter that with some time spent in the great outdoors… flying drones.

Account Managers


Dongle Account Managers spend most of their time running from meeting to meeting, at various client offices, and often find themselves asking “where is my dongle?” on a weekly… or daily basis. Morning Coffee / Evening Tequila Because business in the front, party in the back 24 more hours in a day Because it’s ALMOST approved. Just one MINOR change.

Community Managers


Golden Rule T-shirt #1. Because it’s hilarious, and #2. It’s a good reminder of what our community managers do every day. Portable Power Bank for your phone A crisis always happens when your phone is on 10% battery. This helps keep your technology juiced and ready to go! Social Media Cookie Cutters It’s sweet and it’s social. What’s not to like?

Creative Strategists

Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cups Because Star Wars! Every great strategy starts with the big idea that is then is broken down into lots of little steps. Much like this guy. Plus again, Star Wars! Classic Moleskine Notebook Whether you’re an artist, writer, thinker, planner, doer, jotter or sketcher, everyone needs a place to capture their moment of inspiration. Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription Every Strategist needs a jolt of caffeine to keep their ideas brewing. Shake up the Starbucks routine with coffee that ships straight to your door.

Project Managers

Wine & Chocolate Gift Basket It’s not hard to explain, after a long day sometimes you just need a glass… or five. And chocolate, obviously. Extra Monitor You can never go wrong with providing a PM with an extra screen to project their newly polished timeline. 17 Month Planner Because you never can plan too far in advance, and even PMs tend to forget things if they don’t write it down.


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