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Over one year has passed since the pandemic started and consumers have entered into a new tempo of living that revolves around digital content and experience. From entertainment and social activities to shopping and even – with Peloton – exercise, the Internet has become even more central to the way we live as lockdowns, restrictions and restrictions, which vary state by state, lead people to spend more time at home.

While the pandemic continues to spread, now surpassing 300,000 daily new cases in the US, most states now have businesses remaining mostly open, though mask mandates are widespread and consumers, for the most part, are remaining cautious.

As the stock market flies high and the world begins to see optimism around vaccines, many of the behavioral changes that have emerged during the pandemic are likely here to stay, at least to some degree.

From the death of business travel to the rise of ice cream, SCS has created a new white paper addressing key trends during this time, and ways marketers can approach them for success.

You can download it here.


SCS surveyed 750 US consumers on how their physical and digital buying habits have changed during the pandemic. These insights and more are presented in Omnichannel Overdrive.

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