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Five articles that have us buzzing this week

People are hiring out their faces to become deepfake-style marketing clones

Hour One, a startup that uses people’s likeness to create AI-voiced characters, is part of a wave of companies finding a new way to produce more digital content. Around 80% of their characters are under 50 years old, 70% are female, and 25% are white. The company aims to build up diverse characters to help brands struggling to generate enough content. Deepfake-style marketing removes the need for film crews, studio technicians, and actors (to an extent) while helping companies scale up their video production.

Delivering frictionless e-commerce: what brands can do to delight users

The ultimate end goal for e-commerce is to remove friction and enable users to buy in as few clicks as possible. As consumers become more accustomed to one-click e-commerce offerings, they’re beginning to expect it as a standard. Brands compete with the Amazons of the world by creating optimized user journeys, personalized experiences, and memorable innovations without fracturing consumer trust or overwhelming site visitors.

Clients tell all: What small businesses need from marketing agencies today

The economy is beginning to open, and 80% of businesses say they’ve fully recovered from the pandemic. Still, one in four business owners across industries is not confident about the future of their business, presenting an opportunity for agencies to step in as a strategic partner beyond lead generation.

Retail media: Competing with leading online media platforms

For retailers, media monetization increasingly represents a unique opportunity to fund innovations, and the highly qualified audiences provide outstanding value for executing strategies. Monetizing websites not only aids in profitability but it gives retailers like Amazon and Kroger control over their media strategies.

Why AI & ML must be part of diversity initiatives

Marketers and digital agencies have embraced diversity through diverse teams, inclusive brands, and ethical messaging. But are we missing the mark when it comes to artificial intelligence and machine learning? Both are game changers but have challenges in encoding ethics, so we all must rethink how we approach the discipline.




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