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Introducing Baldwin Hardware to a New Generation

For generations Baldwin hardware has exemplified luxury and prestige, and has been the standard for all others to follow. But, after more than 75 years of being the premium hardware leader producing bold designs, hand-crafted styling for some of the finest homes in America, Baldwin began to recognize that a new generation of luxury homeowners might not have the same connection to the Baldwin brand and heritage as prior generations did.


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While Baldwin has always been trusted as the prevailing brand in the market with a heritage of premium design and quality, a newer generation of luxury homeowners and designers put them in a more “traditional old money” luxury space in their minds. And with new challengers reaching newer generations of luxury hardware buyers, it was time for Baldwin to expand their customer base by updating their brand relevance for a whole new audience that has an entirely different take on what “luxury” means.

In a strategic shift, SCS developed a new strategy; Developing a brandsell campaign aimed at HENRYs… the “High Earners, Not Rich Yet” set—ostensibly the future of wealth in America, and, an audience that looks at luxury differently. HENRYs aren’t buying for status, heritage or for badge value alone, they want a relevant connection with a brand, along with timeless contemporary design. Baldwin needed to re-define what a luxury door hardware looks like.

Meet The
New Boss

A Global

Taking inspiration from other luxury brands who have focused their attention on HENRYs for years, the SCS creative team built the Baldwin Obsession campaign, a contemporary and visually stunning creative approach that left no doubt that there was a new Baldwin brand in the market. And to ensure that the 5 spot package looked and felt like nothing else in the market, the SCS team built an internationally diverse team that included partners from Poland, Spain, and Colombia, and shot on location in and around Bogota. While tapping into the global market for production efficiencies may not be a new idea, SCS also chose this approach to leverage the broad spectrum of creative influences, craftsmen, locations and talent to help craft work that is truly distinctive.

The Bigger Picture

The Baldwin Obsession campaign not only targets luxury homeowners, but designers and premium hardware showrooms, where many style and fit recommendations come from. With Baldwin making a number of strategic moves to ensure the future of the brand, shifting the tone is a big step toward showing the industry—as much as the audience—a new face and new passion for Baldwin as a brand.