Kwikset —


For 75 years, Kwikset has been quietly and consistently creating some of the most trusted door hardware in the business, with a portfolio of great design and state of the art technology. With the home improvement sector running hotter than it has in recent years, Kwikset saw an opportunity to shift their focus to long-term sales by solidifying a new brand platform to separate them further from the competition.




Brand Campaign


Positioning, Strategy, Style Guide, Broadcast, CTV, Display, Social Content, Landing Pages


Since Kwikset’s solutions were so endemic to customers’ lives, we wanted to build a campaign straight from the core features and benefits that fit their worlds. With fresh inspiration, we developed a new mantra that helped communicate the benefits simply and easily: A Smarter Kind of Simple. Emphasizing the duality of “smart and simple,” the tagline represents Kwikset’s innovative products, modern designs, and ease of use.

A Smarter Kind of Simple

Once we had the stories down, the rest was pretty easy. We developed a series of :15 second spots designed specifically for social media. We crafted a longer form story that combined all the features. The stories worked beautifully in social carousels as well, and the simple messaging was easy to carry into digital display and retargeting ads.


To highlight the smarter side of Kwikset, the team turned to a favorite icon of innovation: the former co-host of MythBusters, Adam Savage. The team at SCS found that Adam’s fun and uniquely passionate approach to tech and innovation aligned perfectly with Kwikset’s own passions for security, and the kind of easy to use technology that we can all geek out on. To communicate the “simpler” side of the equation, SCS paired Adam with a stylish, easy-going partner who isn’t all that concerned with the vast innovation that goes into Kwikset products, but truly appreciates their great design and simple features. Together, the duo find themselves in conversations that focus on the unique duality that Kwikset provides.


The Smarter Kind of Simple campaign is the kind of omni-channel campaign that can light up almost any platform and is designed to reach across broadcast television, CTV, native and paid social content, as well as display advertising, with refreshes along the way for ample longevity and long-term interest.