Kwikset Halo Campaign —


Well it doesn’t get much easier than being able to control access to your home with Kwikset’s line of Halo products. With an intelligent feature set including everything from touchscreen control and one-touch biometric technology to remote access, time fencing and even smart lock history—all designed to be uber easy to use—the only thing difficult is that there are entirely too many benefits to talk about.




Halo Campaign


Positioning, Video Content, Social Content

Best Approach?
Break it Down

The first thing we did with the brief was break it down. Each one of the features really deserved its own messaging. With that in mind, SCS built a digital content campaign centered around five stories with real world applications. Each one highlighting another simple and practical Halo feature.

The good thing about launching a product that’s super innovative and easy to use is that the practical demonstrations pretty much write themselves. The stories were all designed around relatable scenarios. Stuck at the dentist? Use remote access to let the plumber in. Broken leg keeping you from walking Fido? Set up time fencing for the dog walker. Hands a little messy from making pasta? Unlock your door with the sound of your voice. Worried about your teenager’s late-night antics? Check out the Smart Lock History to see when they come home. It’s amazing how much easier good technology can make your world.

Delivering the message

Once we had the stories down, the rest was pretty easy. We developed a series of :15 second spots designed specifically for social media. We crafted a longer form story that combined all the features. The stories worked beautifully in social carousels as well, and the simple messaging was easy to carry into digital display and retargeting ads.


By taking a bottom up approach, we were able to capture the assets necessary for SCS and the client to use across all channels of communication and the Kwikset website, helping keep the entire narrative of the Halo campaign coming from one conceptual voice of smart technology, made simple.