The feel good can
of the year

The sparkling water with a catchy name and a healthy dose of added chill, MAD TASTY infuses 20mg of hemp extract into every can. Created in 2018 by Grammy-winning musician and producer Ryan Tedder, these “functional beverages” perfectly blend flavor and hydration to enhance energy, reduce anxiety and increase creative function. To help spread the MAD TASTY word far and wide, SCS was tasked with brand strategy work that included creating a tone & voice for the brand, developing a new Shopify e-commerce website, and rolling out a pair of eye-catching truck wraps for OOH advertising surrounding their boutique retail partners to be seen throughout Los Angeles and Orange County.




Brand Launch


Brand Strategy, Tone & Voice, Website, DTC E-commerce, OOH


Bringing a unique brand voice to a functional mobile store
SCS worked with Ryan Tedder and the MAD TASTY team through a series of brand strategy sessions with a focus on finding a brand tone that would bring Ryan’s vision to life—creating an art-inspired functional brand with its own unique vibe that would help his clients in the studio as much as it would people on the streets. SCS worked to create a brand voice that was fun, irreverent, and connected to the creative class, but strategically centered on the key brand benefits that only a hemp-infused functional water could provide.


A website that sells and connects
the brand story
to new fans

SCS helped MAD TASTY launch the new e-commerce enabled with an emphasis on bringing the art-inspired visual brand to life, while also keeping a unique brand tone to demonstrate MAD TASTY’s point-of-difference in the water category. The website built on the Shopify platform allows consumers to subscribe and purchase directly from the company, purchase from the expanding apparel line, and learn about how MAD TASTY is a different kind of water company created by one of the leading producers in American pop music today.


this is
your brain
on hugs

The main challenge when promotion a “functional beverage” that contains hemp, a plant that contains hundreds of cannabinoids including CBD and essentially 0% THC, is reassuring people that they won’t get the munchies and forget where they parked their car. You see, CBD is much different than THC, but when you’re not legally able to say “CBD” that can be challenging. So we had to creatively allude to the wonders of naturally-occurring cannabinoids, without going too far and tipping off the lawyers, which would be a buzzkill for everyone involved.

When you’ve got a product called Unicorn Tears, it’s pretty obvious that Mad Tasty likes to play with their head in the clouds. So that’s exactly what we did, delivering headlines that encapsulate the benefits of Mad Tasty—with a wink and a nod to the SoCal driving experience—and creating truck wrap designs that are as visually arresting and uniquely intriguing as Mad Tasty itself.


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