The Best of Both Worlds, But Better

As one of the leading names in car care, Mothers® provides a broad range of waxes, coatings, polishes and cleaners. But none as balanced as their new Ultimate Hybrid™ line which blends the hydrophobic technology of SiO2 ceramic with the application simplicity of carnauba wax, bringing the best of both worlds together and making superior car care easier than ever.




Ultimate HybridTM Launch Campaign


Positioning, Broadcast, Social and Digital Video, Display and Social Content


The challenge we faced was finding a simple way to communicate two benefits. The modern technologically advanced superior protection and hydrophobic qualities of Ultimate HybridTM, along with the simple application process of old school carnauba that most of us grew up on. Two very different sides of the same coin in Ultimate Hybrid’s case. But, as usual, the solution can typically be found in the problem. So, rather than run from the personality conflict, the creative team embraced it, and featured it as the basis of the campaign.


By creating a duality campaign, the creative and animation teams were able to highlight the different characteristics of Ultimate HybridTM. Using a split screen visual device, the team built an energetic, music and graphics driven narrative that helped present all the features that make Ultimate HybridTM the ultimate balance between advanced ceramic and old school carnauba.


The beauty of having a single and clear style to help present our message is that it allows us to be consistent throughout all of our media touchpoints while being able to dial up or dial back the specific key points. In OLV, paid and organic social, display and page takeovers, the Ultimate HybridTM package launched with a consistent, single minded, single voiced presentation.