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The world wide web is full of sports sites built to tell the story of the game. Built into the fabric of our culture we love to follow our favorite team, favorite player – but do we really know them? From Cole Beasley’s rap album to Thaddeus Young’s investment in 85 different companies, there’s more to the player story than just what happens on the court, field and turf.




Website Design & Development


UX Design, Development, Information Architecture, Website Design


In a world of multipliers, the math required to build a sports site is daunting – multiple leagues x multiple teams x multiple players can equal tens of thousands of pages on a site. Every page with a unique set of content, each team and player with a unique set of stats, and a constantly changing sports landscape, the solution needs to be robust and flexible enough to support all of this while still able to let the player story cut through.

Looking to build an online destination that will bring focus to the player profile as well as becoming the premiere destination for advanced stats and info, OSDB turned to SCS to help create a truly scalable web platform that delivers well beyond just the story of the game.



In the words of founder Ryan Rottman, “we hired Schiefer Chopshop to handle all tech and design and they hit it out of the park.”

Leveraging 15 key templates and 25+ core modules connected to an October CMS instance, SCS designed a fully custom front end experience to bring OSDB to life and feature athletes in a manner unparalleled by any other site. Template page customizations allows OSDB to ensure each team brand translates without losing consistency with the overall OSDB brand and experience.


Scalable, flexible and built based on responsive web design best practice, Online Sports Database truly is set to become the IMDB of the sports world.