Prestone —

Taking on Mother Nature

With a set of young and hungry competitors nipping at their heels, and an unrivaled history of protecting automobiles, it was time for Prestone to set the market straight on what made them the category leader for 90 years.




Defy Integrated Campaign


Strategy, Media, Broadcast, Web Design/Development, Video Content, Social Channel Management, Social Content, Digital, Print, Interactive Timeline Experience, Brand Guidelines


Practically inventing its category, Prestone had enjoyed the defacto market leader position for almost 90 years. But with new brands gaining attention and market share, SCS was enlisted to help protect the core and expand Prestone’s leadership. We chose to tap into drivers’ DIY sensibility, and to inspire them to stand up to nature’s harshest elements – those that do their best to strand us on the side of the road, ruin our summer vacations, or keep us under house arrest in winter’s grip.


Driven by consumer research and audience data, SCS constructed a media strategy in lock-step with the ‘DEFY’ creative platform – connecting reach and engagement across defined target audience segments, and distributed through broadcast, print, and digital channels.


SCS re-designed and rebuilt the Prestone website to include seasonal Defy messaging and simplified the entire experience so that users have an easier time exploring the full range of Prestone products.

To celebrate Prestone’s 90th Anniversary, we created an interactive timeline that took users through a combined progression of automotive technology and Prestone technology.

SCS leveraged smart tactics and best-in-class digital ad tech to ensure Prestone was front and center when it mattered most – during the extremes of hot and cold weather. Across programmatic display, and in direct partnership with, we applied weather-triggered targeting – delivering a brand/product message directly relevant to the target consumer’s real time weather experience, hot or cold.


The Prestone social experience is broad and dynamic mix of paid and organic content including video diaries, demos and tutorials, and a variety of videos and conversation starters sharing our mutual passion for the automotive world.


The Prestone Defy campaign sets a stake in the ground, and creates a strong and cohesive voice of leadership across all media platforms.