The Hershey Company —

Addams Family at Play

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of chocolate-y goodness in the world, The Hershey Company has been creating bite size moments of joy for over 120 years. With more than 80 brands in its portfolio, Hershey’s is one of the most recognizable names and tastes in confectionary and is constantly innovating in the category.


The Hershey Company


The Addams Family Mobile Game


Strategy, Digital Content, Mobile Web-Based Game


Coming into the Halloween season, chocolate dominates the grocery retail sales space. From Walmart to Walgreens, Kroeger, Trader Joe’s and more, every kind of chocolate is vying for our attention, dollars, and taste. Looking for a way to stand out far beyond the shelf space, The Hershey Company partnered with SCS to innovate the store visit and create new moments of digital joy as a part of their Addams Family Halloween campaign.

Pushing the mobile browser to perform SCS created a short-form, mobile web-based game designed to turn the purchase decision into a chance to connect with one of the most iconic theme songs of the past half-century. Shoppers who scan a QR code located on a large-scale retail display discover the opportunity and challenge to play the iconic Addams Family theme song a la Rock Band style game play.

From Morticia to Wednesday, Lurch, Uncle Fester and Pugsley, the better you play the more characters you unlock creating repeat play intent and engagement. Clever visual and game design leveraging Hershey’s products and Addams Family nostalgia created opportunity for customers to share on social, creating earned media opportunity that extended the campaign reach well beyond just paid channels.



Designed specifically for mobile web and focusing on micro play sessions, the game captures the in-store audience with quick moments of fun that drive brand awareness, brand affinity and purchase intent in retail stores all over North America.