The Client —

Introducing a True California Original

Visit Laguna Beach is the face of tourism for a charming and secluded beachside “village” in Orange County, CA, that boasts a richly artistic heritage and environment. Laguna offers a variety of experiences with arts, festivals, spectacular beaches and cliffs, great hiking and outdoor activities, and world-class restaurants and hotels. With all that it has to offer, Laguna Beach also has its challenges with tourism.


Visit Laguna Beach


Laguna Beach Tourism Campaign


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As awesome as Laguna is, it’s no wonder that it swells far beyond capacity every summer. Many of Laguna’s visitors are day-trippers—tourists that “consume” Laguna’s beaches and attractions and resources, clog the streets, take up parking, and unfortunately don’t spend enough tourism dollars for Laguna to support their impact. Laguna didn’t need more visitors, they needed a different type of visitor.

We wanted to set our sights on the type of visitors that take in a deeper experience with the places they visit. They explore more. Learn more. They’re foodies, enthusiasts; they get involved, share more, and yes—they spend more. Visitors who would have as much interest and pride and ownership of a fully immersive Laguna experience as the city’s residents and business owners. Not just tourists—we wanted to attract the “Experience Collectors.”



Laguna Beach’s offering is unique. It’s special, even within Orange County. Miles of beaches and cliffs, a rich heritage of culture, arts and festivals, the unique landscape, outdoor activities, inspired cuisine, the chill California vibe and connection to the ocean—all true California experiences that you can only find in one place, making Laguna Beach a true “California Original.”


The “California Original” campaign launched with a series of online and social videos and commercials, including an anthem spot along with shorter features, each highlighting the broader categories that Laguna Beach had to offer. Outdoor adventures. Nightlife. Arts and leisure. Family experiences and a thriving LGBT community. Through print and digital ads, we focused our message even tighter, reaching out to specific target demographics with even more focused presentations of all the original and authentic California experiences that “collectors” could find in Laguna Beach.