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Equal parts creativity and storytelling meets data-science and analytics, SCS knows it takes smart thinking from great people to lead the future of brand transformation. It’s why we bring the diverse skills and ideas of over 100 team members from across North America and Europe together to create new ways to drive brand performance for our clients.


Central to our success as an agency has been a set of principles that we all strive to achieve to create a culture that adds value to the lives of our clients and our employees. A culture that pushes the limits of creativity and technology while delivering consistent results only happens when we prioritize diversity of talent, the happiness of our team, and respectful consensus that ensures results for all.


Innovation doesn’t just happen. It emerges when a discontent with the status quo meets the relentless pursuit of better. We push to think differently and find new paths and encourage our team to make their voice heard. It’s the only way we stay out of our comfort zones and head towards better solutions for our clients.


Earth-shaking insights can come from anywhere – and the breakthrough work is often found by pushing to the edges. We want to value both creative thinking and analytical work equally. Our differences aren’t contrasts; they’re complementary parts that make us extraordinary.


Kindness is often underrated, but it’s the life-blood of any trust-based relationship. We check our egos at the door, collaborate, and spend every minute of every day doing the best work of our careers with the kindest, coolest people in the world. It’s not just the way we like to do things, it is a must when we work with clients and each other.


Our mission is to innovate in everything we do, from our smallest projects to our largest campaigns. That only happens when we feel empowered to go all-in and take responsibility for everything we do. Our team endeavors to take ownership and elevate, to look at a task or deliverable and think about how to push it and make it better.


We believe in our people and our clients and we work to stand by them. We push to support and learn from each other so that we can all be better, together. Our company strives to do right by people at every level, and create a team culture that’s able to focus and thrive.


We strive to have integrity in all that we do and to always do the right thing. Transparency and accountability are essential to creating trust with each other as well as with our clients and partners. Strong character is essential to driving exceptional performance for our agency and our clients’ business.



Our Costa Mesa office is inspired by SoCal’s storied history of lifestyle brands and its culture-shaping industry professionals to bring the West Coast experience to the world. Located next to premier restaurants and breweries near The Lab, we aim for a perfect balance of work and play when we come together as a team.



In the last decade, Atlanta has become a cultural empire whose influence is felt across North America. Located in the heart of bustling midtown, SCS South is walking distance from the city’s hottest bars, restaurants, theaters, museums and parks, and draws on a wealth of local talent to make impactful content.



Located in ByWard Market, the heart of Ottawa’s nightlife, SCS North enjoys all of the perks of Canada’s cosmopolitan capitol. Complete with big city amenities and small town safety, Ottawa offers a wide range of international culinary options and access to cultural events like GreekFest, Blues Fest, and more.


A key component of our success is helping our employees achieve their health, wellbeing, and financial goals. In addition to competitive healthcare and retirement plans, we offer an open PTO plan, accommodate flexible work scheduling, and provide performance reward programs to ensure employees feel recognized and balanced at SCS.

401K / RRSP Match

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open pto

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There are currently no vacancies.

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Our Culture —


@nirvanasuper collaborated with SCS for a rebranding initiative aimed at making a name for themselves in the highly competitive functional water market. SCS helped them create a new identity and packaging that emphasizes their secret ingredient known for enhancing muscle growth. Read the full case study at link in bio.
We're thrilled to have been a part of @nirvanasuper rebranding initiative. The newly rebranded products, now called Nirvana SUPER™, come in various vibrant flavors and feature new striking designs built by the SCS creative team. Read the full case study at link in bio.
Introducing Nirvana SUPER™! SCS worked with the @nirvanasuper team to launch their rebranded product at the Natural Products Expo West this past March. The team's new booth was eye-catching, featuring the same vibrant color scheme that was used in the product's packaging redesign. Attendees had the opportunity to enjoy drinks, take pictures, and enter for a chance to win custom bobbleheads. Both industry professionals and consumers were drawn to see Nirvana's impressive new brand identity. The booth's activation resulted in captivating videos and generated millions of connections. This is only the beginning of our journey with Nirvana SUPER™. Read the full case study at link in bio.
Meet the new and improved SCS. By combining with @Contobox, we’re integrating our media strategy and creative services with a powerful machine learning personalization platform to redefine e-commerce performance. Read the full release at link in bio.
The move is part of SCS’s goal to drive higher performance and improved outcomes for advertisers and clients in the digital marketing landscape. With this combination, we're confident that our digital ecosystem will drive value for shareholders to and grow brand business like never before. Read the full release at link in bio.
"As a retail activation company that helps brands sell-through and drive e-commerce performance, the @Contobox technology platform combined with the SCS blend of media strategy and creativity is going to offer retailers and Direct-to-Consumer brands a full-service solution that improves ROAS, increases engagement and loyalty, and lowers the cost of marketing." says James Schiefer, Founder & CEO of SCS. Read the full release at link in bio.
When @realtreeoutdoors wanted to create a new website that would be impossible to miss, they chose SCS to develop a groundbreaking experience that combines brand and commerce, bringing brand storytelling to the direct-to-consumer experience. Read the full case study at 🔗 in bio
For @realtreeoutdoors new site, every piece of content, every page and every point of engagement was created and evaluated by SCS in order to create a new UX that capitalized on the power of the brand story to inspire and sell. Read the full case study at 🔗 in bio
Designed to adapt, @realtreeoutdoors new digital home brings the best of the brand to everyone. From the traditional hunting demo to emerging audiences that are embracing camo in new ways, Realtree is primed to engage and inspire customers with easy to find products designed to hide in real life. No matter who discovers and rediscovers this storied brand, customers will be greeted with a brand-new face for all to see. Read the full case study at 🔗 in bio
Although it may seem like DALL·E is still bleeding edge, the AI arms race is moving at a blistering pace. Major brands are now looking for AI integrations to produce inline ads using not much more than text prompts. From Runway ML's new text-to-video tools to photo animation platforms like D-ID, AI is moving from static visual art to motion; all before many could kick the tires on DALL·E 2.

🔗: Learn more at link in bio
Recently, Bill Gates declared AI is “the most important advance in technology since 1980. Businesses will distinguish themselves by how well they use it.”

The world listened and so are we. SCS is test-driving all new tools and developing creative processes to use them for brand advertising. Our most recent pilot leveraged ControlNet and Kaiber AI platforms to create over 120 AI-generated images and animation in a large collaboration between SCS staff to build a 100% AI video with artistic reimaginings of our logo. Expect AI Producers to create your next TV Ad in the not too distant future.

🔗: Learn more at link in bio
How are AI copywriting tools like Chat GPT impacting how SCS marketers work? 

"Quick turns are crucial to copywriting relevant content.” Says Copywriter, Schuyler Vanderveen. “AI tools help us generate ideas and fine-tune revisions for clients faster, so we can land on brief and on-trend." Faster, more engaging content? That sounds like a win for our clients and the creative community.

🔗: Learn more at link in bio


SCS surveyed 750 US consumers on how their physical and digital buying habits have changed during the pandemic. These insights and more are presented in Omnichannel Overdrive.

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