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Equal parts creativity and storytelling meets data-science and analytics, SCS knows it takes smart thinking from great people to lead the future of brand transformation. It’s why we bring the diverse skills and ideas of over 100 team members from across North America and Europe together to create new ways to drive brand performance for our clients.


Central to our success as an agency has been a set of principles that we all strive to achieve to create a culture that adds value to the lives of our clients and our employees. A culture that pushes the limits of creativity and technology while delivering consistent results only happens when we prioritize diversity of talent, the happiness of our team, and respectful consensus that ensures results for all.


Innovation doesn’t just happen. It emerges when a discontent with the status quo meets the relentless pursuit of better. We push to think differently and find new paths and encourage our team to make their voice heard. It’s the only way we stay out of our comfort zones and head towards better solutions for our clients.


Earth-shaking insights can come from anywhere – and the breakthrough work is often found by pushing to the edges. We want to value both creative thinking and analytical work equally. Our differences aren’t contrasts; they’re complementary parts that make us extraordinary.


Kindness is often underrated, but it’s the life-blood of any trust-based relationship. We check our egos at the door, collaborate, and spend every minute of every day doing the best work of our careers with the kindest, coolest people in the world. It’s not just the way we like to do things, it is a must when we work with clients and each other.


Our mission is to innovate in everything we do, from our smallest projects to our largest campaigns. That only happens when we feel empowered to go all-in and take responsibility for everything we do. Our team endeavors to take ownership and elevate, to look at a task or deliverable and think about how to push it and make it better.


We believe in our people and our clients and we work to stand by them. We push to support and learn from each other so that we can all be better, together. Our company strives to do right by people at every level, and create a team culture that’s able to focus and thrive.


We strive to have integrity in all that we do and to always do the right thing. Transparency and accountability are essential to creating trust with each other as well as with our clients and partners. Strong character is essential to driving exceptional performance for our agency and our clients’ business.



Our Costa Mesa office is inspired by SoCal’s storied history of lifestyle brands and its culture-shaping industry professionals to bring the West Coast experience to the world. Located next to premier restaurants and breweries near The Lab, we aim for a perfect balance of work and play when we come together as a team.



In the last decade, Atlanta has become a cultural empire whose influence is felt across North America. Located in the heart of bustling midtown, SCS South is walking distance from the city’s hottest bars, restaurants, theaters, museums and parks, and draws on a wealth of local talent to make impactful content.



Located in ByWard Market, the heart of Ottawa’s nightlife, SCS North enjoys all of the perks of Canada’s cosmopolitan capitol. Complete with big city amenities and small town safety, Ottawa offers a wide range of international culinary options and access to cultural events like GreekFest, Blues Fest, and more.


A key component of our success is helping our employees achieve their health, wellbeing, and financial goals. In addition to competitive healthcare and retirement plans, we offer an open PTO plan, accommodate flexible work scheduling, and provide performance reward programs to ensure employees feel recognized and balanced at SCS.

401K / RRSP Match

life insurance

open pto

health plan

bonus & recognition program

company wide holidays

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team wide meditation

flexible work schedule

Our Culture —


Our first Spring Hercules is the incredible @bradenbailey613! Maybe he was born kick-ass, maybe he's just one of our kinder brothers up North, but Braden lifts everyone up and does it with a smile. Not only does Braden have a deep knowledge of digital systems, he's a personable, selfless leader who cares deeply for everyone on the staff. Everyone at the agency feels lucky to work with Braden!
In honor of International Women’s Day, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate the strong, hardworking women that make up SCS. Their ambition and determination defines what it means to be an instigator every day. We appreciate their power to make SCS a better place of equal opportunity for all. #wearescs
We couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of February’s Mighty Hercules Award than our very own King of Sass, @cmsparks8 Chris has not only put the whole office on his back figuratively by lifting everyone up as a remarkable manager and leader, he literally put the office on his back moving us out of Irvine and into Costa Mesa singlehandedly - and he didn't stop there! He also put @bradenbailey613's beard on his face! Chris, we love you and are so grateful to have you on board with us.
Atlanta’s history is rooted in the Civil Rights movement. As Black History Month comes to a close, remember to hold some time in the coming year to visit the many historic and influential places in the city:
Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park
National Center for Civil and Human Rights
Atlanta History Center
Apex Museum
South-View Cemetery
George Washington Carver State Park
The ongoing crisis in Ukraine has disrupted the lives of millions, including our own Russian and Ukrainian SCS team members. We urge anyone reading this to please donate to the Ukrainian Red Cross Society at the link in our bio if you have the means to do so. Everyone affected remains at the forefront of our minds as we pray for a peaceful resolution to hostilities.
The ongoing crisis in Ukraine has disrupted the lives of millions, including our own Russian and Ukrainian SCS team members. We urge anyone reading this to please donate to the Ukrainian Red Cross Society at the link in our bio if you have the means to do so. Everyone affected remains at the forefront of our minds as we pray for a peaceful resolution to hostilities.
Roses are red,
Violets are Blue,
Boy have we got
Puntastic content for you.

Happy Valentine's day from SCS! To mark the occasion, we're showing off a campaign we developed to play matchmaker for @aarons and their customers this year. Check it out!
At SCS we believe Black History is American History. This month, our agency is proud to host a series of content amplifying black contributions to our shared American story. Stay tuned.
Schuyler Vanderveen. The man. The myth. The mustache. In a few short months at SCS he’s become an immensely valuable copywriter and creative mind who tackles any and all projects thrown his way, and we’ve yet to find a deadline he can’t meet. Congrats on a well-deserved Hercules Award, Schuyler!
“We shall overcome because the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice."

Our offices are closed today in remembrance of Dr. King. We hope to honor his memory every day by instigating positive change in our communities - the arc still has a long way to bend. #wearescs
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