• James Schiefer
    James Schiefer
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Jeff Roach
    Jeff Roach
    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers
    Chief Development Officer
  • Julie Allen
    Julie Allen
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Braden Bailey
    Braden Bailey
    Chief Digital Officer
  • John Zegowitz
    John Zegowitz
    Chief Creative Officer
  • Tom Ellis
    Tom Ellis
    Chief Revenue Officer
  • Alexa Ellis
    Alexa Ellis
    Chief Operations Officer
  • Heather Broscious
    Heather Broscious
    SVP Brand Solutions
  • Andres Torrente
    Andres Torrente
    SVP, Media
  • Jason Prance
    Jason Prance
  • Brian Pettingill
    Brian Pettingill
    Director, Project Management
  • Catherine Gudvangen
    Catherine Gudvangen
    VP Content
  • Tommy Campagne
    Tommy Campagne
    SVP Brand Solutions
  • Sean MacPhedran
    Sean MacPhedran
    Digital Director Strategy
  • Lauren Harvey
    Lauren Harvey
    Director, Project Management
  • Marvell Lam
    Marvell Lam
    Associate Media Director
  • Robb Corbett
    Robb Corbett
    Tech Director
  • Kirsten Wright
    Kirsten Wright
    VP Marketing
  • Ryan Simonson
    Ryan Simonson
    Associate Creative Director
  • Carl Durocher
    Carl Durocher
    Design Director
  • Vu Dang
    Vu Dang
    Sr Art Director
  • Ryan Macaulay
    Ryan Macaulay
    Director, Brand Partnerships
  • Andy Wing
    Andy Wing
    Chief Innovation Officer
  • Christina Park
    Christina Park
    Dir. Insights & Analytics
  • Roman Sandler
    Roman Sandler
    AVP Media
  • Tyler Hartsook
    Tyler Hartsook
    Sr. Digital Strategist
  • Jeremy Agers
    Jeremy Agers
    Sr. Director Social Strategy
  • Rebecca Cedrone
    Rebecca Cedrone
    Brands Solution Director
  • Danielle Richards
    Danielle Richards
    Paid Media Director
  • Georgi Borisov
    Georgi Borisov
    Development Director
  • Brandon Wilhelm
    Brandon Wilhelm
    Paid Media Director
  • Todd Nolley
    Todd Nolley
    Creative Director
  • Richard Accardi
    Richard Accardi
    Brand Solutions Director
  • Sarah Romero
    Sarah Romero
    Resource Manager
  • Richard Burchfield
    Richard Burchfield
    Sr. Digital Strategist

SCS's senior management team leads our eight practice areas to bring integrated performance marketing results for our clients. We look for diverse backgrounds, specialized talent, and strong character in every person who works at SCS to create a family culture designed to serve client relationships long-term.