The SCS executive and management team provides marketing leadership and integration across our practices in Strategy, Analytics, Media, Creative, Content, Social Media, and Digital services.

  • James Schiefer
    James Schiefer
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Jeff Roach
    Jeff Roach
    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers
    Chief Development Officer
  • Julie Allen
    Julie Allen
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Braden Bailey
    Braden Bailey
    Chief Operating Officer
  • John Zegowitz
    John Zegowitz
    Chief Creative Officer
  • Tom Ellis
    Tom Ellis
    Chief Revenue Officer
  • Alexa Ellis
    Alexa Ellis
    SVP Special Projects
  • Andy Wing
    Andy Wing
    Chief Innovation Officer
  • Heather Broscious
    Heather Broscious
    SVP Brand Solutions
  • Andres Torrente
    Andres Torrente
    SVP, Media
  • Jason Prance
    Jason Prance
  • Brian Pettingill
    Brian Pettingill
    Director, Project Management
  • Catherine Gudvangen
    Catherine Gudvangen
    VP Content
  • Tommy Campagne
    Tommy Campagne
    SVP Brand Solutions
  • Sean MacPhedran
    Sean MacPhedran
    Digital Director Strategy
  • Lauren Harvey
    Lauren Harvey
    Director, Project Management
  • Marvell Lam
    Marvell Lam
    Associate Media Director
  • Robb Corbett
    Robb Corbett
    Tech Director
  • Kirsten Wright
    Kirsten Wright
    VP Marketing
  • Ryan Simonson
    Ryan Simonson
    Associate Creative Director
  • Ingrid Sandahl
    Ingrid Sandahl
    Sr Client Services Director
  • Carl Durocher
    Carl Durocher
    Design Director
  • Vu Dang
    Vu Dang
    Sr Art Director
  • Christina Park
    Christina Park
    Dir. Insights & Analytics
  • Tyler Hartsook
    Tyler Hartsook
    Sr. Digital Strategist
  • Jeremy Agers
    Jeremy Agers
    Sr. Director Social Strategy
  • Georgi Borisov
    Georgi Borisov
    Development Director
  • Brandon Wilhelm
    Brandon Wilhelm
    Paid Media Director
  • Janet Kirkman
    Janet Kirkman
    Account Director
  • Richard Accardi
    Richard Accardi
    Brand Solutions Director
  • Sarah Romero
    Sarah Romero
    Resource Manager
  • Shelly Collett
    Shelly Collett
    VP of People
  • Aaron Gaspar
    Aaron Gaspar
    Accounts Director
  • Richard Burchfield
    Richard Burchfield
    Sr. Digital Strategist