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Happy Holidays from
the SCS Family to Yours

Our new artificial employee Meta Claus is here to bring laughter and cheer. Enjoy this Season’s Greeting and see why we’ll be sticking with human talent at least ’til next year.

Meta Claus was created using Unreal Engine’s MetaHuman creator, then placed in an Unreal Engine environment. Facial motions were captured using Live Link for iPhone, and the strange AI holiday cards were generated using Dall·E 2. Holiday music was licensed then filtered through the Reaper Digital Audio Workstation. As is true with all labors of love, the cutting room floor is littered with unsharable bits, bytes and blunders of all kinds from tools like Jarvis AI Lyrics, Synthetic Voices and AI singer Holly Plus.
Chief Strategy Officer: Jeff Roach
Chief Creative Officer: John Zegowitz
Sr Director Innovation: Sean MacPhedran
VP Content: Catherine Gudvangen
Creative Director/Copywriter: Ryan Simonson
Creative Director: Todd Nolley
Design Director: Vu Dang
Copywriter: Schuyler Vanderveen
Editor: Dave Tate
Software Developer/Sound Design: Jon Roffey
Web Developer: Greg Slonina
Title Animations: Albert Lam
Digital Producer: William Hayley
Project Manager: Chris Sparks
Director Project Management: Lauren Harvey


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