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Flexibility is Key

One of the most iconic car care brands anywhere, and our oldest client, asked us to help them promote their Speed® Line—an entire family of products, each one specifically designed to tackle a different kind of mess and help you get your car back to a showroom shine, blazing fast. However, after we presented our initial round of work, they came back and asked us to help them launch a game-changing new product, too—CMX Ceramic Spray Coating.

Suddenly, the goal was to launch two very different products lines for distinctly different audiences at the same time. Each would require a unique creative approach with a style all its own—with supporting print and social assets, of course—while remaining true to the brand. No problem. We’re a nimble, creatively flexible shop with deep production roots—this is where we shine.




Mothers Speed
Mothers CMX


Video Content, Social Content, Print


Our approach for Speed® Line, perhaps appropriately, took less than a second to shoot. In order to inspire confidence in the products (and send A-types outwardly gasping in horror) we created a spot shot in glorious 1000fps super slow motion that featured a pristine white SUV being assaulted by a mind-boggling array of cringeworthy messes all at once. While the driver, product in hand, calmly stands by ready to make short work of the mess. Conveying that, look, everyday is going to try to ruin your clean car perfection every day—you need quick everyday solutions.

Fortunately, there are still opportunities to utilize print in the automotive categories, so we also created some elegantly simple flatwork that brought the campaign voice to life, informed, and rewarded consumers with a smile for reading it.



We created a full suite of social assets to complement broadcast and support the campaign. Built mainly from video and behind-the-scenes shots from the commercial shoot, these assets were developed for the launch, but the they also helped the brand’s internal team get acclimated to the look and voice of the campaign pre-launch.

Our CMX Ceramic Spray Coating execution took a completely different tack. Their new ceramic product is truly a game-changer, so they needed to give it a proper, no-nonsense introduction. Basically, they wanted a hard-working demo spot—but we wanted it to make an impact. So we cranked everything up to 11 and created a cinematic spot designed to launch, demonstrate and educate, but also visually wow the pants off onlookers. Hey, all we had to do was overdeliver—like usual. NBD.


CMX is wickedly superhydrophobic. In other words, this stuff absolutely loathes water. Hates it. Dirt and grime, too. But water—it doesn’t just bead on CMX treated surfaces—it tries to escape from them. And since one of the key indicators of a good ceramic coating is its ability to repel water, we decided to use a little hyperbole to get that idea across in print.



The CMX assets we created for social were all about the benefits. Liquid-like shine, durable and ease of use. But, importantly, we wanted to keep it classy. Yes, this is a DIY product, but it’s one that can give you showroom quality results. We wanted to play up quality. From color to composition we kept everything crisp, clean and simple. And the message voice, clear and unflinchingly confident.


Video completion rates (VCR) for Speed® Line spot averaged 59.6%, spiking to 92% mid-launch. The VCR for CMX averaged even higher—an exceptional 90.6%. Benchmark VCR for Mothers is 37%.

Social engagement rate (ER) for Mothers went way up. For CMX posts ER averaged 80%. Speed® Line, crushed it with an outstanding 117% ER in the first month, before simmering down to 68%. Average ER for Mothers – 21%.

The Video View click through rate (CTR) was impressive for both campaigns. 1.59% for Speed® Line and 1.76% for CMX. Average CTR for a Video View campaign objective is 0.21%.