Nirvana Water Sciences —


With a secret ingredient that amplifies muscle growth and a pristine source, Nirvana Water Sciences (NWS) is a unique player in the crowded functional water market. Despite these attributes, the brand needed to make a splash to capture consumer attention. When they decided to launch a new selection of products at the Natural Products Expo West, they trusted SCS to help take the brand from great to SUPER with refreshed packaging and an incredible booth experience.


Nirvana Water Sciences


Brand Launch


Packaging Design, Booth Design, Event Copy


Super-Powered New Identity
Before handing the project off to SCS, Nirvana gave them a one-word brief for the new product line: SUPER. The hero ingredient in all Nirvana beverages is HMB, which maximizes protein synthesis to support lean muscle development. Nirvana SUPER™ conveyed how customers felt enjoying the newfound performance enabled by their unique formula. To transition from the pure science background without leaving it behind, we used the periodic table as inspiration, creating an NS elemental logo that conveyed the fundamental power HMB gave to Nirvana beverages.

A New Look for New Products
The new brand was more than just a name change. Nirvana planned to roll out a whole new host of flavors and products. From tiny shot containers to larger bottles, SCS created a bold rainbow of gradient colorways to match the vibrant new flavors like cucumber lime and strawberry basil lemonade. As an addition to this attention-grabbing packaging, we also created custom QR codes that led to a site where consumers could learn more about the benefits of HMB.



As the largest global trade show for health products, Natural Products Expo West was the perfect launchpad for the brand’s new look and message. The creative team designed a booth paneled in rainbow colors that aligned with the product offerings where visitors could stop, sip, and take a selfie of their new SUPER selves for a chance to win a custom bobblehead. These activations transformed Nirvana’s new visual identity into an interactive experience for newcomers.

Bringing Super to the World
When Industry insiders, new investors, and consumers all came by to see the new brand, Nirvana was able to greet these key players with a brand identity that matched its impressive products. Nirvana SUPER™ was so in demand, it created a traffic jam. Video content from the booth and footage of the new flavors received millions of engagements, helping NWS to connect with their audiences. On the quest to introduce SUPER to the world, we helped Nirvana take a great first step with a brand-new face for all to see.