Building a Better BlackBerry —

An Icon, Reborn

Following on the heels of their successful KEYone launch, BlackBerry had reinvigorated its base and attracted an entirely new audience, inspiring the brand to step up bigger and better. With the introduction of the all-new, sleeker KEY2, nostalgia was replaced by powerful innovation and more of what doers and builders look for in a business tool.




KEY2 Product Introduction


Media, Video Content, Social Content, Digital Content


If the introduction of the KEYone taught us anything, it’s that people are unabashedly curious—whether it’s those who fondly remember their BlackBerry with its trademark keyboard, or those who have never before seen a phone like it in their lives. To both, the new design of the BlackBerry KEY2 is an anomaly that stops them in their tracks and forces them to ask the same question we’ve heard a million times before: “What is that?” A question that made for an easy set-up for sharing what makes the KEY2 unique.

By simply tapping into a true and relevant existing narrative of people asking “What is that?” when seeing new BlackBerry devices, we were able to successfully set the KEY2 up as a unique alternative in the market and at the same time highlight some of its more impressive features—all adding up to the final “An Icon Reborn” line as payoff to the persistent question.



Digital, social and point-of-sale executions all extended the campaign by focusing heavily on the individual features or by reinforcing the simple “An Icon Reborn” campaign line.


The feedback from the core was overwhelming, and social media was on fire. The press and fans alike felt like they were in on the joke. They had been hearing the same question for as long as they could remember, making it easy to identify with the universal narrative in the commercial, and to have the same pride in their appreciation for the brand and the product.