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Redesign for Engagement and Discovery

From feature films and television to home entertainment and digital distribution worldwide, to animation, comic books, videogames, broadcasting and more, Warner Bros. is one of the most successful studios of all time. With an award-winning library of content that includes over one hundred thousand hours of programming across 8,600+ feature films and 5,000+ television programs Warner Bros. houses one of the most successful collections of brands and franchises in the world.


Warner Bros.


Website Redesign


Strategy, Content Planning, UX Design, Responsive Web Design, Style Guide


Warner Bros. existing flagship website lacked the flexibility and functionality required to feature their incredible library of content in a way that worked for both global audience and franchise. A fragmented multi-market experience with long-lead content updates and a sub-optimal user experience across both desktop and mobile, Warner Bros. turned to Fuel for a holistic re-think of their .com design approach with the goal of driving engagement and discovery.

In order to deliver on the functional requirements and still deliver a content-rich, immersive experience designed for content discovery, we knew we needed to create a site that was intuitive and user-centric, worthy of award-winning content yet flexible enough to manage the vault of existing and upcoming WB content at global scale, by a global team.

Our core persona’s as guideposts for the new user experience, we worked collaboratively with the Warner Bros. teams to create an innovative and elegant editorial design inspired by the richness of the content it would showcase. We approached the content presentation in a modular format defined by unique content types such as movie release promotion and television content features to photo’s, exclusive news, quizzes, sweeps, polls and more. This blend of design, layout and structure allowed for a responsive, dynamic and personalized experience based on the end users’ preferences across all platforms and in global markets that could be easily implemented and managed by the Warner Bros. global brand team.



Redesigned to deliver on the functional requirements without compromise to content or experience, Warner Bros has begun rolling out their new flagship website. Starting with an MVP product in March, 2019 new content types and features will be released as a part of an ongoing product strategy that will ultimately deliver on the full collaborative vision.