Pfister —

Delivering Brand Equity for a Challenger Brand

When Pfister, a long-standing brand in the faucet space, started feeling the effects of a declining share of voice against competitors Moen and Delta, they challenged SCS to create a cohesive product marketing strategy and brand-sell campaign that would carve out a unique space for a strong win in the highly competitive home improvement space.




Product & Brandsell Campaigns


Marketing Strategy, Positioning, Brandsell, Product Creative, Social Content, Commercial Spots

The Long Term Roadmap That Led to Creative Breakthrough

The Pfister brand needed more than a clever commercial, so step one was taking a holistic approach to planning – mapping out the next three years of strategy for the brand. Through this process we discovered that a simple “Value-for-any-style” positioning wrapped in bold, stylish, design-oriented content would lead to a higher chance of capturing the DIY home.


The first phase of the project was to build product-centric creative to utilize on broadcast, social and digital that re-imagining the brand’s “Design Made Right” tagline, ultimately delivering sales for 3 key product lines. Each product fit distinctly different styles and distinctly different consumers. The creative team used this thinking to develop spots that could live on their own, while still connecting the overarching brand message. The spots included retail specific activations for their Ladera line at Home Depot, Karci line at Lowe’s, and Pfister’s Penn line at Menard’s. Each product campaign worked to bring attention through digital channels to DIY home owners with focused geo-targeting and lively product creative designed to drive consideration at each of the products specific retailers.

The Evolution to

For the first time in more than a decade, Pfister was ready to take on the big guys with a brandsell strategy that would break through and deliver a memorable moment. This time, SCS was challenged to create a consumer-focused brand campaign that would build the ethos and messaging around the complete Pfister family of products, and how they stand apart from the competition.

Through the brand roadmap planning process, consumer research, and the in-market performance of our product campaigns, SCS distilled key learnings and core consumer insights to focus the brand around a positioning that would connect Pfister quality and value to a portfolio of styles as unique as any customer considering a kitchen or bath refresh.

The SCS creative team took that message a step further with the idea that what customers will really want is all that Pfister quality and value—but in a style that’s as unique as they are. The “Pfits Just Right” campaign presents the concept that it isn’t just Pfister faucets that are unique… the people who buy them, and all the ways they use them are just as interesting as the fixtures themselves.

You may not be able to find a Pfister faucet that fits everyone’s style, but you will always find one that fits your unique style, just right.

Taking our experience from the prior product-centric creative, we knew that product design and style were important draws to our customers. The new campaign would be built to feature a broad portfolio of unique Pfister designs and match them to a set of unique personalities. Each Pfister design got its own set of unique creative that also supported the brand, but that when they all came together, they worked to create the overarching ethos.

Getting Creative for

Launching the campaign for maximum impact required a mountain of work to gather a mountain of assets. While we had a solid budget, as usual our creative team wanted more. Instead, working to get the most out of our dollars, SCS tapped In & Out Productions and Director Steven Leone to help execute our project in the Ukraine for a production that would have cost 5x in a U.S.-based shoot. Taking a more creative approach to production helped us capture all the content we needed for the campaign without sacrificing the level of talent, production quality, or diminishing the creative tone we set out to achieve.