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Since 1986, Realtree has helped hunters blend into their surroundings. By consistently creating new patterns for new scenarios, they’ve garnered the trust of outdoorsmen everywhere. But as they prepared to announce the revolutionary Max-7 camouflage, they asked SCS to help them generate digital buzz with the global duck hunting community.


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From northern prairies to southern marshes, Max-7’s lifelike features help duck hunters become one with a wider range of environments than ever. For the greatest impact, Realtree planned to announce these new patterns at the Delta Waterfowl Duck Hunters Expo. For Duck Hunters around the globe, the Expo is a more anticipated event than the Super Bowl, FIFA World Cup, and Kentucky Derby all rolled into one. But with physical product still months away, Realtree needed SCS to find a way to reach customers online before they could get their hands on Max-7.

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With only thirty-one days to start the project from scratch, our digital team swiftly turned to a mobile-first website and pulled in partners to get to work. A Duck Hunter’s “X” is a natural hideaway, carefully chosen for its clear view of their quarry’s flight path. The journey to find your “X” through the wild became our inspiration for creating a site that would immerse Duck Hunters in the adventures enabled by Max-7.

On time and on budget, we rapidly stood up a digital experience that would introduce waterfowl enthusiasts around the world to Max-7. We brought users into the world of Realtree with lifestyle documentary videos following professional duck hunters, expansive images of their search for the “X”, and shots of specific features on the new Max-7 patterns. The site went up without a hitch, and after Realtree announced at the Expo, duck hunters around the world all got to envision the thrill of their next hunt with Realtree’s newest camouflage. As an early foray into Direct to Consumer Marketing, this home for Max-7 is the brand’s first step in an exciting new direction for omnichannel consumers everywhere.

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