Helping a Racing Leader Stay at the Front

Renowned for its high-quality rubber and drift-racing dominance, Falken Tires is a notable leader in the after-market auto industry. But staying at the front of the pack requires continuous innovation. Learn how we refreshed the tire maker’s site for an improved customer experience and enhanced digital presence.


Falken Tires


Website Redesign


Strategy, web redesign, product landing pages

Building off of a History of Performance

For years, Falken Tires has been a leading brand on the track and online. The high-performance tire maker has always understood the value of online branding and trusted SCS to help curate its digital presence. From covering the brand’s dominance in motorsports to campaigns like Falken TV, the agency has always collaborated on exciting new ways to show off advances in tire tech for the automotive aftermarket. But after creating a series of high-impact landing pages with fresh design and mobile-first functionality, Falken saw an opportunity to tune up their entire site.

Conceptualizing a Winning strategy

Since Falken’s last web design, the company’s consumers and the industry have changed. With new commercial clients to consider, the rise of omnichannel shopping, and new digital tools at their disposal, Falken wanted more than just a digital facelift. Beginning with a competitive audit and needs analysis, interviews with stakeholders, and re-evaluation of digital architecture, we began to reconsider what a better and more beautiful site would look like.

Call in the Digital Pit Crew

Many of the changes were cosmetic but significant. The inclusion of ambient video of Falken’s Formula Drift racing and outdoor imagery aligned the site with the brand’s high performance and adventurous personality. Functional upgrades ranged from new features, like a tire explorer tailored to Falken’s growing commercial customer base, to serving dynamic content based on location, to a UX overhaul that further optimized the mobile experience. Finally, we pulled the guts out of the old site by replacing  Drupal CMS with Winter, making it easier to upgrade and enhance over the long term.

Racing into the Future

After our changes, the new and improved site performs as well online as Falken Tires do on the track. Refreshed page designs now dazzle visitors with integrated videos and images, and thanks to a fully optimized UI, all users can more easily navigate the site with its new mobile-centric design and improved search experience. And with a new and improved CMS, the site is smarter for visitors and optimized to meet the tire maker’s future needs. No matter what the future brings, this enhanced digital home for Falken cements its digital leadership for years to come.