All In with Dirk Deckman

Beloved by workers, hunters, fisherman, overlanders and basically anyone with a pickup, DECKED storage systems do for truck owners what sails do for sailors—make you wonder how you ever lived without one. For the drawer system campaign our directive was clear: spread the word far and wide, and don’t forget to have some fun doing it.




Storage Systems Campaign


Positioning, Video Content


When you’re working with a niche brand like DECKED who so perfectly speaks their audience’s language, it’s essential that you talk the right talk. Because once they catch a whiff of bullsh*t they’ll get spooked and scatter—and you may never get another shot.


Before we could talk the talk, we had to find our voice. So we set out to hook a big one. We enlisted YouTube fly fishing legend Hank Patterson to bring some stream cred and authenticity to the role of our own legendary persona, Dirk Deckman. Working with Hank and a hugely collaborative client, we were able to go ALL IN on a new campaign, creating a truckload of social & digital content, including 20 unique videos, each highlighting a new feature on the DECKED Storage System as only Dirk can.


When it came to highlighting the DECKED storage system’s incredible 2,000 pound payload, we knew this was an opportunity to go big. So we hit up local favorite Bob’s Big Boy to borrow their iconic statue, and they immediately said yes—on one condition—we had to “kidnap” him. Under the cover of darkness three creatives and one giddy client “stole” the statue, capturing it all on “surveillance video.” Once Bob’s Big Boy posted the video of the “crime” on Facebook, it created an instant firestorm as loyal Big Boy fans liked, shared and propelled our caper to viral fame. The initial post alone was viewed over 250,000 times, and the story was picked up in primetime by ABC and NBC news, where we revealed our truer intentions of creating a unique product demo. All told our little scheme garnered more than 430,000 impressions, all organic, and gave those who followed along a much needed diversion from the uncertain early days of the COVID crisis.


Our 2-day shoot at Lake Cuyamaca was the very first post-quarantine production in San Diego County during COVID. It was an extremely safe, efficient production that allowed us to capture enough footage for a :60 anthem spot, seven (7) :30 second feature spots, and :15 and :06 second cutdowns of each—all optimized for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.


The All In with Dirk Deckman campaign was a smash success right out of the gate, instantly garnering likes and shares and delivering the most-watched videos DECKED has ever produced on their social channels.