Beyond Performance —

The "Outperformers"

Outperform. A single word that epitomizes the essence of the Royal Purple brand, and its products. With a strong base in motorsports, it was time to take the “Outperform” ethos to the rest of the automotive masses with a message that crossed platforms unified all. The Royal Purple Outperformer Series.


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Mini-Doc Series


The performance automotive world is packed with passion. Drivers, builders, mechanics, fans – all coexisting over a bond of excelling the limits of performance. This became the unifying shared passion we tapped into with the Outperformer series. An idea that was designed to transcend into documentary content, sponsored races, awards, and a social rally cry designed to help Royal Purple extend and amplify the passions of their fan base.

The first rule of connecting shared passions is authenticity. The SCS team dove into the project by cultivating a handful of soul stirring individual stories to tell through a short documentary series. Stories that went beyond sheer horsepower and tapped into the intensely powerful inner drive and determination it takes to go beyond mere “high-performance.” Stunt Driver Lance Gilbert. Racer, inventor and amputee, Mike Schultz. 2013 recipient of the Outperformer Award – Drag Racing Powerhouse, Nicole Lyons. The Offshore Racing Team of Miss Geico. Custom Cycle Builder, Roland Sands. Teenage Race Phenom, Dylan Kwasnieski. All members of an elite team. The Royal Purple Outperformers.



Bringing the Outperformer series to life went beyond the documentaries and cut down content. It included awards ceremonies that crowned achievements and achievers, native content, TV, radio, digital and social content and product placement in movies and through to film and television product placement as well as “in-game” advertising to cast a wider net, ensuring customers would see the product at the highest echelons of performance.

The Results

The content-first approach was designated an enormous success for the brand. Through stirring up a passionate audience, growth went from 500 dealers to more than 20,000. The Royal Purple Outperformer Series proved that story telling through shared passions and authenticity can drive results by becoming the fastest growing line of synthetic lubricants in the US.