Giant Foods Web AR —

In Store Snowflake Search

We all know the challenge of grocery shopping, especially around the holiday season. And if you have young kids in tow you’re especially in-tune with those not-so-subtle and entirely un-nuanced challenges that come with the search for the season's holiday ingredients. So when we were approached by GIANT Foods with the ask to invigorate their shopping experience with the holiday spirit, we were all in.




GIANT Snowflakes Search


Strategy, Media, Web Design/Development, Illustration, 3D Development, Video Content, Social Content, Digital OHH, Game UI, UX


With AR retail investment growing exponentially each year, GIANT recognized there was significant opportunity to not just enhance the customer journey, but to create interest and excitement for the entire family that engaged well beyond just the simple ‘find it and buy it’ trip. The idea needed to create a way for content to turn a traditionally utilitarian experience into something magical – and at the core, deliver on a 75 plus year history rich in innovation.

SCS partnered with GIANT Foods to create a unique IP that came to life using web AR. Accessible to anyone without need to install an app, kids and parents were taken on a character-guided GIANT Snowflake Search throughout the store. Hidden magical moments such as penguins ice-fishing in the seafood section, gingerbread men making flour snow angels in the baking aisle, abominable snowmen in the frozen foods section and juggling polar bears in the produce department tuned the store into a shareable winter wonderland. Customers who discovered all of the magical moments were gifted points redeemable for gas, grocery dollars or specific in-store items.



With over half of all players discovering and unlocking every magic moment in-store, sessions times performing better than double the expected duration and customers sharing their unique experiences direct to social channels, the GIANT Snowflake Search delivered on a commitment to innovate, the promise of joy, and may have even held a tantrum or two at bay.