Mediapsssst: Report: 64% Of Consumers Are Aware Of The Metaverse Concept

April 7, 2022
In addition to the survey findings the report, from SCS, offers a...

SCS’ Heather Broscious on what’s working heading into 2022

December 20, 2021
This senior VP of brand solutions shares how she is navigating new...

SCS Builds Talent Pool With Multiple Recruits And Promotions Across Disciplines

December 13, 2021
20 Year Coke Veteran Rebecca Barker Cedrone Joins as Brand Director New...

In Pfister Campaign Faucets Become An Extension Of Personality And Style

September 24, 2021
Pfister Faucets is out with an ad campaign from Irvine, CA-based agency...
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It's the Digital Summit in Kansas City at the Kansas City Convention Center this week and SCS is there to present the findings from our Omnichannel study featuring fresh shopper data insights hot-off-the-press #digitalsummit #dskc
Tomorrow, SCS's Chief Strategy Officer Jeff Roach will be presenting new data insights from our recent Omnichannel study at 2:00 pm CT at Digital Summit Kansas City, come join the talk and say hello #digitalsummit #dskc
SCS's presentation Battening Down the Omnichannel Hatches: Best Practices for Retail & B2C Marketers is at Digital Summit tomorrow, Wednesday November 9th at 2:00 pm CT at the Kansas City Convention Center – be the first to find out the surprising insights into how shopping has transformed post-pandemic #digitalsummit #dskc
Thank you @adexchanger for choosing True Love: Just a Swipe Away as a finalist for Best Commerce Agency Services! Two years ago, we accidentally ran Aaron’s ads on dating platforms and saw a massive jump in activity among younger age groups. In response, we ran a Valentine’s Day campaign that mimics Dating App functionality to help customers rent to own their perfect match. We’re so proud of the results this work created for our client and it goes to show sometimes accidental insights drive the best campaigns.
Are you using AI for your brand creative yet? You might be soon.
SCS’s Sr Director Innovation Sean MacPhedran’s feature op-ed in @adage today – Artificial Intelligence and Creative Marketing: How Brands and Agencies Should Experiment – is a look at how AI can be leveraged now in creative development, and the unique POV that AI engines bring to brands.
We asked AI to re-imagine brand characters for McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Mr. Clean, KFC, and Dos Equis as modern renditions for today.