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As one of the preeminent healthcare education establishments in the country, West Coast University has been helping shepherd in the next generation of healthcare workers for over a hundred years. As they strive to set themselves apart from the industry in their approach to education, it became apparent that it was time for their marketing and advertising to do the same, and shift away from the industry staples of somber hallways with empathetic nurses ushering patients to their rooms set against a tender soundtrack. SCS was tasked to set them apart from the crowd, and communicate a unique style and approach through their marketing.

The team at SCS jumped on the opportunity and created two video campaigns: “You Vs. A Million Reasons Why Not”, an anthemic action packed roller coaster, and “It’s Your You” a futuristic style high concept. “You Vs. A Million Reasons Why Not” targeted potential students looking for a career they could be passionate about, utilizing quick cuts and an intense pace to illustrate the real- world ups and downs of a rewarding yet challenging career in nursing. “It’s Your You” took a different direction with a message that highlights personal transformation for established healthcare professionals looking to advance their career.

Each commercial was concepted, crafted and tailored to its specific audience with the guidance of SVP/Executive Creative Director John Zegowitz and the direction of SCS Chief Creative Officer Zach Lyons. The spots are part of a larger end to end efforts that include emails, social media, and display ads leading to specific landing pages creating a holistic omni channel approach designed to touch potential students at every step along the customer journey. Keep your eye out for these new uniquely styled spots set to launch in early October. We’re extremely proud of how the SCS team and WCU collaborated to take healthcare education advertising to a place that we’ve never been before.

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