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Quick Tech: Social Media Technology Edition – the What and the Why

There are thousands of articles that tell you which technologies you need to be using to make your social media more effective. Without giving you the deep dive or the hard sell, we’ll give you the elevator version of what it is and why you need it – so when you’re ready to learn more, you know how to start that conversation by knowing the bottom line. All we ask is that instead of taking our perspective, research our suggestions and then come back and tell us how wrong we are about them. It’s social, right?

Shoppable Instagram:

What it is: A frictionless way for a consumer to click on a product from a post on Instagram and purchase it directly.

Why you need it: Because the faster you can get a consumer from product to cart, the more likely you are to convert sales.

BONUS: If you work with influencers promoting your products, they can use it too and turn their reach into ROI through direct sales

Facebook Messenger with AI integration:

What it is: A simple a piece of automated messaging software that uses signals from the users and AI to respond with pre-programmed messages directly to the user

Why you need it: Because it eliminates the needs for additional apps, chat bots on your own site and reaches consumers where they are already spending an absurd amount of time looking at products and advertising

BONUS: If connect the AI through your advertising funnel you can target people with initial messages based on them clicking on your ad

Facebook Groups:

What it is: A group on Facebook created around a topic, by anyone about anything and joinable by pages where you can contribute to the value of a topic.

Why you need it: You can use insights from the groups and audience demographic targeting to advertise in a more effective manner to a hyper-targeted audience that trusts you.

BONUS: Group notifications are more prevalently kept ON by users because they see value in their participation with the group more so than from a page they follow, driving a significant increase in organic reach

So which tech are you going to tell us we’re wrong about first?

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